Cloud Gazing is a proof of​ concept for 

a cinematic six-episode web series 

entitled Mia: Unraveling 

(a "slice of life" btw ep. 3 & 4 to be exact!)

Produced by Dianne Diep

Shot in Late March 2019. $5K Budget

All- Women Crew. Made with Heart in NYC

Spreading it's love on the festival circuit

Cloud Gazing

Format: Short Film

Genre: Dramedy, Slice of Life, Indie

Duration: 7:30 mins

Log Line: After her umpteenth move in NYC, a woman and her best friend

embark on a journey through imagination to a place of childlike wonder.


Cloud Gazing EPK (pdf)


Cloud Gazing Poster (jpg)


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"There are stories to be told that are still untold and characters to be portrayed 

that haven't been portrayed correctly. So there's work to be done" - Shonda Rhimes

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